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WARNING!! Beware of False Promises

Before you purchase your next vehicle please ensure you are aware of what your rights are when it comes to mechanical problems/repairs. At M & G Motors we take pride in offering Quality Used Motor Vehicles. We invest more time and cost in preparing our used vehicles.

Our aim at M & G Motors is to bring each used vehicle up to the highest standard it can be for its age and kilometres.


We have created a niche market whereby we offer quality at prices compared to many other yards whose vehicles are inadequately prepared. We take pride in offering our vehicles for resale with the backup of fully functional mechanical workshop.

We also have on offer extended mechanical breakdown warranty’s for all vehicles for the discerning customers wanting that extra piece of mind.

We take extra care in selecting our vehicles which enables us to offer that extra level of certainty of providing the quality you would expect when you pay much more at one of those big badge franchise dealers.

Statutory warranty is offered on the majority of our stock. Customers have the option to purchase extended warranties from 1 to 5 years depending on the age of the vehicle and its kilometres travelled. There are various levels of cover for most vehicles to cater for the different mechanical packages that each vehicle has and to give you minimum or maximum cover to suit your budget ie; Diesels, Turbo’s, gearboxes, clutches, diff’s, electrical’s, fuel pumps, 4wds, road side assistance etc.

With the National Warranty Company whom we have had trouble-free dealings with over many years.